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 GM application

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PostSubject: GM application   Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:19 am

I want to help the server so I'm applying for GM


Name: Michael Geoffrey Uy

IGN (In Game Name): Limited

Age: 14

Male or Female?: Male

Where do you live?: Philippines(MG Petron Service Station, San Rafael, Roxas, Isabela)

Why you wanna be a gm?: Like i said i want to help the new peoples and the server to achieve there goals. I now applying here because I think this is better for me than Website Designer. I want to become the best GM here and that is included in my goals. Now that i have chance I'm now doing the application. I want to share my abilities of being good GM to others like what i did in my previous server. I love to take the responsibility of a GM. I'm studying well now at school to graduate and to my future. It will be my pleasure to become a part of GM team.

Have you been a gm before?: EternalRose, NLRose, Elemental Rose (my cousin's private server)

How often can you be online?: last time i can be online for 23 hours but now i can only online for 13 hours cause im studying well so it would be lot more fun and challenging

I want to help you
Hindi ka magsisisi kung magiging GM ako
Promise ko na gagawin ko mabuti ang mga responsibilities
alam ko na hindi lang sa paghohost nang event ang ginagawa nang GM kundi 2mu2long din sa mga players

gusto ko maka2long

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PostSubject: hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!   Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:46 am

Maybe ur application will not approve by admin because he are needing fm's only

And the 1 slot for gm is chosen1 i think..

ahmm..w8 for response of admin jeyci

that's all and vote our server every 12 hour

Click the link below so u can easily vote our server..Vote our server very 12 hour..thx


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Game Master

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PostSubject: Re: GM application   Sun Jun 08, 2008 1:19 pm

you have a chance... cause right now chosen1 is not "active"...
i have here a candidate who is a photoshoper like me...

and he submitted some BSran loading screens...
so if u want to be a gm... go on show of...
show ur skills...

like drakko... he posted some helpful threads

Vote Here
dont forget to vote for our server we need vast players for massive gameplay
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h GH0 d

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PostSubject: Re: GM application   Mon Jun 09, 2008 1:23 pm

post ur request at phoenix thread

vote here
this is not just a system
but this is a community
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PostSubject: Re: GM application   

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GM application
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