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 Noobies Guides

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PostSubject: Noobies Guides   Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:12 pm

his topic are just for newbies and beginners in the game..

once you've registered at the game..

u will noticed after creating the character there is a free level 135 set and a weapon.

now.. selecting a type of stat.

stats are [pow] [dex] [int] alternatives [vitality] \

power - Currently increases your damage and u can use power skills
------------------> Power have less area skill.
------------------> deals GREAT damage

Area Skill meaning: >>> Target quantities.

Dex - Increases your agility; attack speed; dodge rate; and probability in attacking; inrease in defense rate and attack rating
---------------> so that u can use Dex skills
---------------> Dex have more Area Skills
---------------> Deals Less damage than Power type

Intelligence - Increase your SP rate or sometimes called MP; and fast MP or SP recovery rate
-------------------------> so that u can use INT type skills
-------------------------> deals Great magical damage if PURE INT.
-------------------------> have less Defensive rates;and less attack rating; also have less probability of hitting


Vitality - Increases HP; and HP recovery rate
-------------------> can also be helpful in producing mobs. (recommended to Dex type)
[but i recommend pure stats]

SO at first.. i recommend to go PURE TYPE.. you can go HYBRID if u want.. after youve been REBORN several Times..

HOPE this THread for newbies really helped..


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PostSubject: Re: Noobies Guides   Sun Jun 15, 2008 10:48 am

thx for the guide microsoft.. please post more guides and vote for the server...

>>>topic locked and stickied<<


vote there using portal!!

please vote!!

>>IF THE THREAD THAT YOU POST IS LOCKED AND will be REMOVE PM me to cancel its removal and will be unlocked<<

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Noobies Guides
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