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 GM Application

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PostSubject: GM Application   Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:20 am

Hi, I would Like to apply to be GM In BsRan. I have been GM once, But the Server Failed of where i got GM.

My Bio:

Name: Nico Espinosa

Age: 13

Location: Mannheim, germany.

Gm Experience: once.

About me: Hi,, I live in a Military base, where soldiers live.
Its funny how i got to be GM in Other Server.
Well here's the story. One time, he told me he was going to name the server "Frenzy"
but then.. Some1 thought it was for Sex, Drug, Stuffs. u know. and They Were posting P0rns, and all that stuffs,
they thought it was a Store or a Forum that is for that....and then the forum got flooded. Then, its finally i stopped, and look for more server's. and here bsran. my friend jeyci , invited me here...........

i am fluent in english.(i tell it to myself)..but i go to ESL - English Second language. my friends speaks english.
my first language is Bisaya.

Stuffs of i could do: Edit the "Power UP" Sign in-game, "Speed up", etc,... i can change the color so using photoshop cs3...

I am a RZoner..........i could edit the loading screen. and the banner's......i have created a server before but it did not succes. i had problems woth my computer. - low specs. but big hard drive.
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GM Application
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