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 Game is now Publish and Made(Guide to Connect)

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PostSubject: Game is now Publish and Made(Guide to Connect)   Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:32 pm

Game is now done.. but client is not upload yet.. Admin and the team(including me) are very sorry for that..

Admin will upload the client later... I'm sure he will upload it soon...
Our BSran is done and almost 8 players are playing it on its 1st day
We hope on the comming week we will become 12 or more
Please vote for us. And we will ensure the server in good hands and we will update more.
Because if theres many players the server will become more alive and admin will become more interested in updating.

If our server increases its population to 30 or 40+ Im sure admin will make it direct connection.
Now hes updating the server for having it direct connection and even if we're only 8.

Please appriciate Admin and vote.

Now here's the guidelines to connect through the server:
(remember hamachi is temporary soon it will become direct connection we promise that it will be done soon)

1st: Download Hamachi
2nd: Install hamachi and join our networks
------) after you download the hamachi install it and join our networks. Our networks are BSran, BSrantwo and password is 1234 (we only made two rooms because this is only temporary)

[you should only join one room or else you will be kicked on the hamachi]

3rd: Register in Game: (please make sure your connected in our hamachi network
4th: Download our Patch: (client isn't upload yet so we will use patch)
------ ?ymzeezfny5m
------ patch.rar.html

after downloading that download this latest patch for lvl 300 skill:

Download latest patch from RapidShare
Download latest patch from Media fire

5th: Extract to any client: (you need ep3-ep4 mix client)(any client thats ep3ep4 mix)
------ extract it using winrar to any ep3-ep4 mix if you played another server and if its ep3-ep4 mix extract that patch there so you can play
6th: Running the Game:
------ you will notice on the folder you extracted there is a launcher.exe name.. double click it and press start GAME. and you can now play.
7th: Voting the server:
------ GO to this link and click the icons for you to vote:

-----please vote(its hard to establish a server------

una: idownload mo ang hamachi
pangalawa: iinstall mo ang hamachi at sumali ka sa room nang BSran:
>>>>> ang ating mga room ay BSran at BSrantwo at ang password ay 1234
pangatlo: MAG REGISTER KA SA GAME: (dapat nakakonek ka sa hamachi)
pangapat: idownload mo ang ating patch:
>>>>> ?ymzeezfny5m
o kaya:
>>>>> patch.rar.html

pagkatapos nyan ay idownload nyo ang latest na patch para sa lvl 300 skills:

Download ang latest patch sa Rapid Share
Download ang latest patch sa Media fire

panglima: iextract mo sa kahit anong client:(kaylangan mo nang ep3 ep4 mix na client)
>>>>> kung naglaro ka sa ibang server na ep3 at ep4 mix dapat dun mo i extract sa folder nya. para makalaro ka

panganim: Pagpasok sa laro:
>>>>> maymakikita ka sa folder nang pinagextrakan mong client na launcher.exe i double click mo yon at may magpopop up na launcher at click mo ang "START GAME" mag log in ka na at mag laro ka

Pangpito: Pagboboto sa server:
>>>>> click mo itong link at i click mo ang mga icon na nandon para mag vote at sundin mo ang paraan para mag vote:

------pag may katanungan mananatiling open itong thread para magtanong. wag kayo mag post nang ibang thread para malinis.


vote there using portal!!

please vote!!

>>IF THE THREAD THAT YOU POST IS LOCKED AND will be REMOVE PM me to cancel its removal and will be unlocked<<

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Game is now Publish and Made(Guide to Connect)
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